MSC Committee

The Measurement Science Conference was founded in 1970 to promote education and professionalism in measurement science and related disciplines. The Conference has grown and matured to meet the needs of dynamic measurement technologies as well as to address pertinent national and global measurement issues. Based in California, the MSC has attracted experts from around the world as speakers, exhibitors and attendees.

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John Bowman

John Bowman MSC Position: Board Director & Registration Chair Com...

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Miguel Cerezo_Thumb

Miguel Cerezo

Miguel Cerezo MSC Position: Board Finance & Treasurer Company: Amg...

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Dawn Cross

Dawn Cross MSC Position: NIST Liaison Company: NIST dawn.cross@nist.go...

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Charles Ellis

Charles Ellis MSC Position: Board Director Company:   National Asso...

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John Fishell_Thumb

John Fishell

John Fishell MSC Position: Scholarships Chair Company: Retired jvfishe...

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Sherill Franklin_Thumb

Sherill Franklin

  Sherill Franklin MSC Position: Guest Program daybreak082012@gmail.c...

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Emil Hazarian

Emil Hazarian MSC Position: ASQ‐CCT, NIST  Seminar/Tutorial  Work...

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Bernice Holtsclaw_Thumb

Bernice Holtsclaw

Bernice Holtsclaw MSC Position: Vice President Company: Parker Hannifi...

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Arman Hovakemian_Thumb

Arman Hovakemian

Arman Hovakemian MSC Position: Board Director & Speakers Chair Co...

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Karen Jackson_Thumb

Karen Jackson

Karen Jackson MSC Position: Board Director Company: Consultant kvjacks...

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Russ Keenan_Thumb

Russ Keenan

Russ Keenan MSC Position: Technical Program Support Company: Consultan...

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Galen Liao

Galen Liao MSC Position: Promotional  Purchasing/  Evaluations Chair...

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Tim Mason_Thumb

Tim Mason

Tim Mason MSC Position: Board Director & El Presidente Company: Tr...

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Alen Petrossian

Alen Petrossian MSC Position: Board Director & Exhibits Chair Com...

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Sue Slagle-Smith_Thumb

Sue Slagle-Smith

Sue Slagle-Smith MSC Position: Marketing and Administrative Support C...

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Dilip Shah

Dilip Shah MSC Position: Metrology & Calibration Certification Com...

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